Are you dealing with an unexpected financial emergency? Struggling to get your StudyLink loan and allowance entitlement sorted? Let SANITI advocate on your behalf. You might even be eligible for a SANITI Hardship Grant.

SANITI Hardship Grants scheme

SANITI have set up an emergency grant to assist students in hardship with the basic necessities of life. Before approaching SANITI for help, make sure your personal situation meets the following: 

Your hardship situation or the bills that you need to pay must be

  • Short term
  • Unexpected
  • Threaten your study.

Your eligibility

  • You have not already accessed the hardship fund within the current year
  • You must be employed or seeking employment where appropriate
  • You must have sought budget advice.

What the SANITI Hardship Grant does NOT cover

The hardship grant does not cover

  • Course fees
  • Domestic and international flights
  • Membership fees (Gyms/Clubs)
  • Parking tickets and fines
  • Petrol.

SANITI can help you overcome obstacles with StudyLink

Dealing with StudyLink can feel overwhelming at times. When you need support in the face of adversity talk to SANITI.

SANITI can advocate on your behalf to

  • Smooth applications and resolve problems regarding allowance and loan entitlements
  • Ensure entitlements are being received
  • Help students appeal StudyLink and WINZ decisions.
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