Getting help

Are you enjoying being a student? Do you wonder how you'll continue to manage assignments, work, health, relationships as well as getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each day?

It may take a while to get to grips with being a student at NMIT but you'll grow into the experience, and Learner Services and SANITI are here to help.

Learner Services

Your one stop support hub, Learner Services is where you go for help and advice about a range of study and learning issues.

The technical, support, and learning advisers at Learner Services can also;

  • Provide learning support for things such as academic writing, doing research, maths, computer skills and much more.
  • Offer tailored cultural support for Māori students, Pasifika students and International students. 
  • Talk you through your technology needs from WiFi access to computer set up to tech needed for your specific programme area.
  • Help students with a recognised disability gain access to equipment and materials needed to support you and your studies. 

Head to the Helpdesk at your campus Library Learning Centre to see someone who is waiting to help you or email us.


If you would like someone to talk to about any issues which are affecting your ability to succeed whilst at NMIT then there are several counselling options available(external link).

Seeking Saniti

As well as being your student led association, organising events and activities on and off campus, SANITI is where you go for help and advice about finance and careers. 

For more information visit SANITI(external link).

Specific support areas

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