Getting help

Are you enjoying being a student? Do you wonder how you'll continue to manage assignments, work, health, relationships as well as getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each day?

Tell us about your support needs

Your success is paramount for us and there is a wealth of support available to help you if you require. It is important to let our Learner Services team know as early as possible if you'd like to request help with;

    Learner services team
    Learner services team members
  • Specific Learning difficulties
  • Physical injuries, disability or impairment
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Study/Learning support
  • Help with personal issues
  • International student advice
  • Māori and Pacific Island support

We are a group of friendly, supportive professionals who are ready to help. Call or email us.


CSS team members
NMIT Counselling Support Service (CSS) team members

If you would like someone to talk to about any issues which are affecting your ability to succeed whilst at NMIT then there are several counselling options available(external link)


Seeking Saniti

As well as being your student led association, organising events and activities on and off campus, SANITI is where you go for help and advice about finance and careers. 

For more information visit SANITI(external link).

Specific support areas

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