Financial Support

Are you enjoying being a student? Do you wonder how you'll continue to manage assignments, work, health, relationships as well as getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each day?

 Having no money to spare is stressful.

Ensuring you have access to everything you are eligible for and budgeting can help.


For advice about

· Student loans, Student Allowances, WINZ and StudyLink,

· Finding work, preparing a CV, and preparing for interviews contact SANITI


To find out about how to

· apply for a hardship grant,

· manage money and make a budget,

· open a bank account,

· question study fees and costs, contact any student support service: Māori Support, Pasifika Support, Wellbeing Support, or SANITI for independent support and advocacy.


To apply for scholarships and awards,

· see online information about Scholarships and awards(external link) from a wide range of organizations

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