The Wellbeing Support Team work collaboratively with domestic, international, and offshore online students to ensure students have healthy, safe, supportive, and inclusive learning experiences and environments.

For urgent assistance for student wellbeing, 24/7 call 0800 718 277 or +64 3 5462333 (from outside NZ)

We are here to support you in being successful in your studies and having a great student experience. Our Wellbeing Support Team offers a friendly, confidential ear around anything that concerns you.

We can help you with access to FREE counselling to help you work through difficulties you may be facing and offer referrals to community and government agencies. You will find the Wellbeing Support Team in the Library Learning Centre, online and available in classes to connect with when you need. 

We can support students to:

· Engage in counselling through several free options

· Receive Careers Counselling

· Apply for scholarships

· Draft a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter to seek employment

· Access health services and book appointments

· Manage stress, anxiousness, or worries

· Address pastoral care, mental health, and wellbeing needs

· Manage deadlines and extensions

· Understand resubmit, reconsideration, and special assessment processes

· Manage budgets and finance

· Handle culture shock and homesickness

· Find your way in the Nelson, Tasman, and Marlborough regions

We talk with students online and on the Nelson, Richmond, Marlborough and Woodbourne campuses. We support students in one-to-one or group sessions in person, by text, phone, email or MS Teams.

We’ll attend orientation events and visit classrooms to discuss and share wellbeing strategies.

As required, we refer students to: Māori Support, Pasifika Support, Equity Support, Learning Support, and SANITI

Contact us

Our offices are the library on the Nelson and Marlborough campuses.


03 539 5068(external link)



Use the online form below to request support:

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